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Machinery dealers in America.

Distribuidor Meelko


Welcome Dealers!

We are looking for Dealers in the U.S. to carry our product Line. Exlusive rights will be given for territories Nation Wide.
Product Lines range from Bio Mass to Wood Pellets to Pet Foods and Oils.

What we offer?

We offer exclusive territory rights! We will refer all call in orders from any buyer inside a territory zone to the distributor of that Territory.

We answer any and all questions from buyers to assist in our distributors sales. We train distributors how to properly advise buyers in the set up and operation of each machine.

To Become a distributor you are required to purchase multiple units, We can customize Order sizes to fit your needs. The Size of territory will be based on initial number of units purchased.

If you would like to be one of our Business Partners Please give us a call 786-514-2829 or email ct@meelko.com