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Assemblies and agribusiness advisory.

Distribuidor Meelko


Meelko helps many companies set up their Processing plants or agro industrial projects from the ground up. We supply the appropriate advice for Companies getting started, for companies adding production or efficiency to any size plant

We also have Site Advisors and Consultants available to assist the construction and assembly process. This assistance can greatly reduce down time and increase profit by getting the plant to maximum capasity with significantly less trial and error, saving a great deal of cost and lost production.
First We find out what Material our Clients want to process, and what their end product specifics are required to be. Then We construct a plant that will handle the amount of processing they require. We customize each Clients needs to their specific requirements to help minimize set up costs while maximizing production profits.
    Advisors/ Consultants offer
  • Proyect
  • Layouts
  • Potential suppliers
  • Facilities
  • Machinery
  • Electricity
  • Tuning
  • Production Report
  • Up Front Assembly Cost
  • Future Maintenance Cost
  • Production Organization
  • Staff training

We explain to our Clients each step of the process and the different options that best fit their needs. We help solve any number of problems to achieve their desired end product. .

This allows our clients to make informed decisions when starting to build a new production plant or adding to an existing plant and trying to improve production, product and cost.

Industrial assembly
We Will Travel to any country to assist in running lines for biomass pellets, oilseed processing plants, digesters, industrial electrical installations of all kinds.